lay me down

i think i’m too late,
the church bells are chiming,
the crows have settled
on a carcass.
a procession of memories
march past my dead-set eyes;
crystal clear yet blinded by tears –
water was never this salty before.

i set my alarm,
i knew my waking hour;
how i wish you would.
the ringing still in my ears,
i can’t lift my hand an inch
with you on it.
yet in your weakest moment
your pull is strongest.
the body they buried was heavy –
when we met you were light.

you don’t call anymore
longer than before.
i can feel the cracks in my skin
starting to rust.
the dust settled on me,
long before you did.

but i’m standing in a cathedral,
a chorus of strangers
paying respect to the dead –
they speak louder from the other side.
i can see your eyes again,
wearing me down.

yet i wish that for a moment,
i could die as well,
and they would lay me down,
beside you again.

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