You(,) love

how many forms of love can one fit into a dictionary?

a strong feeling of affection.

    a great interest and pleasure in something.

    a person or thing that one loves.

    (in tennis, squash, and some other sports) a score of zero; nil.

yet words can neither capture the immensity of the heart, nor describe the frays and edges we see in reality. even now as i write, all i say and think and feel and purpose, is a broken fragmentation of “feelings” and “moments” where i felt something more than alive.

yet these are what they are, feelings and moments. feelings that are gone tomorrow, and moments that pass in an instant.

is that what love is?

is the only permanent thing about it its impermanence?

sexual, agape, friendly, familial, filial – how many moments and feelings do we need to quantify all of what love is?

You define love as Yourself.

You encapsulate every thing there is to it; You are the boundaries within which it can affect, within which it is true, within which it matters. anything outside is simply not love.

who are You, then? 

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