week 1, monday

Adjusting fairly well to the time difference. My mind feel tired but alert, my body cold but awake.

Still though, I still haven’t grappled with the fact that this is my new normal for the next few months. I kept telling people that 6 months wasn’t long and that soon we’d see each other again. But maybe I’m just telling that to myself. For now, my calendar seems to stretch on endlessly, summer weather long away, humidity still under 60.

How do you do it? You who study overseas?

Perhaps it’s because those who study overseas do so with the end in mind, a goal set to be achieved. I sort of stumbled into Vassar, exchange being a sort of ritualistic attempt made by every student to embark on an exciting experience. I have never felt the sort of desire to go overseas that Jo has. Why?

Whatever it is, I have been far too cavaliar and unintentional about this experience, especially with regards to prayer. Teach my heart to be humble, to obey, especially when obedience does not line up with my personality. Guide me away from fake humility and give me godly ambition for the gospel.

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