“every day we betray our identities”

telos, end-goal, finish point, the end of means, the means as end

the lord is patient with our different cloaks. every time we put on Christ we are reminded that there is another veil we must remove. every time we are reminded that we are children we make known our other families, our other lovers. there are a thousand other end-points, a thousand other ways to view myself, a thousand other ways to view others – yet this is the one set out for me.

there is no resting from rest. only the relentless reminder that there is no work left to be done to save myself. keep me squarely in this frame, in this mind; any other place and my feet will run away, thinking You are the mist among my works, my place earned by climbing, not resting.

it’s not that i move forward by standing still, but standing still i am lifted up, up and toward – all the running in the world can’t make you fly.

so what is this race i run? is it not toward my prize? yes, yet it has already been won, i know my crown is coming – help me still run, knowing that when the day comes i will not finish and collpase, so much as be given wings and carried to the place prepared for me.

but for now my feet are on the ground, and while i am still i am running. help me to centre on the gospel, where all the paradoxes of the world are made simple.

help me rest in you.

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