learning from sermons

‘it was the same sermon, but i learned something new’

this is good. great in fact, that our intellectual horizons have been expanded. to be reminded again of forgotten teachings is a mercy and grace from God.

yet to ‘learn’, cannot be the ultimate aim of a sermon, or any Christian teaching session for that matter. if one leaves a sermon merely ‘learning’, either the sermon/teaching has failed, or you have in receiving it.

how often i have sat in a sermon hoping to receive a philosophical argument, or intellectual anecdote that i could use to impress those around me!

Christ esteemed and our view of the cross and the gospel enlarged – that must be the ultimate aim of all teaching and preaching, and the ultimate basis for all ministry.

one might leave a sermon convicted of a particular act one must accomplish, and rightfully so for the Word of God when received in humility stirs one to godly action. one might leave a sermon having grasped a complicated truth surrounding the nature of atonement, and rightfully so for we are called to love God with all our minds as well.

yet even this comes from and/or leads to, an enlarged – indeed continually enlarging – view of the gospel, and the person of Jesus Christ.

let us do more than learn, let us be more like Your Son, Jesus Christ.

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