a wise man once said

that if you stare into the darkness

you become like them.

how long till we reave,

or cleave to nothing.

how many dimensions must i travel,

till my soul becomes empty

and the nights grow weary –

stay, watch cable tv.

there must be enough of nothing

from something,


how many turns and shivers,

groaning like trickles down a stream.

that bustling chariot hurries forward –

she’s a genius!

were that lonely grants memory,

or memory that makes one lonely.

the sandman is silent,

he knows he has made an artist.


how many in that darkened night,

have come forth works of art.

that all mankind were lonely,

what a sight of beauty it would be!


a wise man once said,

that if you stare into the darkness,

one laughs,

what can compare to that within?

we are all sages in the end.

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