neptune ops, september 2016

I am jamming along to a basic house song with Raymond, shoving Kawchun back and forth to the music. He resists at first, but soon joins in the rhythm. Our sergeant Andy turn around, but says nothing and smiles into the distance. I don’t quite remember why we’re in the dog van anymore. Millie starts barking as we come to a halt, and I remember – Neptune Ops raid at Changi Naval Base. Andy turn down the volume, and eventually Raymond and I settle down. Raymond is no longer smiling. I try to initiate another round of karaoke before before we get off, but Andy tells me to keep it down – he’s on the phone with the operations officer.

Eventually we all get off the van and prepare to conduct our raid. Millie spasms about in her cage as I prepare to take her out; it’s another 10 minutes before she finally calms down. She spins me around in circles as I gently guide her toward the boat we’re about to raid. They delay us – as always – so me, Raymond and Kawchun let Millie, Trigger and Jet roam around the nearby field. They look happy, having such an open area to roam. Soon the alarm blares, and we jerk their collars to get them back into working mood. Their faces droop low; they’re trained this way to keep their noses closer to the floor.

We begin our raid and enter the ship. I remember the cool breeze of the ship’s air-conditioning, but not much else. A couple of the naval officers notice our dogs and begin to make funny faces. Millie doesn’t give them any heed; I don’t think she understands what’s going on.

We end the raid and get back into the van; the dogs are whining as always. I put on some music, but Andy’s on the phone with our commanding officer, so I turn it back down. He asks how our ops went; I have half a mind to start a karaoke session with him on the phone. We spend most of the trip back in silence. We put the dogs back in their kennels, and prepare to leave camp, 6 hours after fall out.

I head home, back in the direction we came.

I reach home at midnight.


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