do not despise the toil of your youth!

every moment shall be unto the Lord –

rejoice in His glory, oh my soul,


He is in the working of your hands,

and upon the sweat of your brow –

He who gave work to man

is glorified in work unto Him.

do not despise the toil of your youth,

in Him rejoice! 

in His work rejoice! 

rejoice oh my soul, and lift your eyes,

you work as unto the Lord, and not for man. 

my shelter and shield, my fortress and refuge –

who is a God like you?

take delight oh my soul, in His precepts,

rejoice in righteousness

and despise evil. 


yet do not despise these moments,

though they flicker past, yet feel forever –

God and His works are forever,

and here among the toil and grit,

there He is as well. 

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