A lot has changed in the past 2 years. my weight, my height, situations, circumstances, IC colour – yet above all these things, God remains. 

I came into BMT with the hope and expectation of becoming an officer; an injury set my IPPT score back, and I was assigned to become an MP. 

I was frustrated and angry, but You were faithful and had blessed me in a way I could not yet see. 

I went into MP doubtful and afraid, yet by Your grace I excelled. Man did not recognise me, but You did.

I was disappointed, but still Your grace proved enough for me – it always must be. 

i went into MWDU optimistic and hopeful, yet through the 1.5 years i have grown weary, angry, tired, beaten – how many times have i fallen since then?

yet You were always there for me, You alone have guided me through the night. 

a lot has changed in the past 2 years,

but not You.

and looking forward now, i am ever more grateful that it is so. 

thank You for being You, faithful to the end. 

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