i can explain You,
but i cannot love You.
but if i do not love You,
i do not know You –

what could i possibly explain?

what then do i say
when people ask my religious beliefs
do i tell them about You,
or how i cannot love You,
or how i know about You

abounding in theology
but lacking in simplicity –
something both my mind can accept
and heart digest.

the little i know of You,
yet the more i yearn to love You.

how, how, how

do i love someone i do not know yet know about

someone i see but do not feel

someone i understand so little about

yet knows me more than anyone.

how, how, how

or what,
or why,
or when,

perhaps is only question worth asking is who.


who are You?

who am i?

is there no end t-

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