a hope and a future, here

25/04/16 – when i wanted to see, but shut my eyes, for i loved the darkness, though i remembered the light.

why do i linger
my skin crawling 
(albeit slowly)
but i hold dear
to things near.

are You here?

yes, i know so;
still, You hold hands
with a paralysed man.
my heart cannot yearn
when drowning in fear.

are You here?

Your Word
feels like alcohol swabs
and prayer
like lobotomies
my mind tearing,

are You here?

show me,
teach me,
guide me,
let me know

You are here.

Thank You for answering my prayers.
Thank You for being gracious.
Thank You for forgiving me.
Thank You for loving me.

Thank You for being You,
here with me.

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