the same joy

shall my joy
remain the same
in the midst of Your people,
or in the shadow of pain,
or when shouted from the mountain high
whispered between heaving sighs.

or when between my groans
i whisper Your Name,
shall it weigh in my heart
as when i have much to gain;
when companied by angels, shall i hate
demons as when they make my name great.

shall my joy
remain the same,
when my chords inspire song,
or when they limp forth praise.
when Your Word jumps to my aid,
or when it is silent instead.

or when i feel Your warm embrace,
and know that You are near;
when her voice reminds me of Your rod,
and to my every desire, give ear.
how fast do i hold in the storm,
how long before i let go in the calm.

shall my joy
remain the same?


let it grow!

till pain or victory i shall be joyful all the more!
where the tides of life steer not my boat;
my path is fixed,
i dwell not in the water,
for You have brought me close.

let it grow,
let it grow!

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