the road You took to my heart

You could shake the earth with every step,
but not today;
Your eyes soaked through with bloody tears,
yet Your vision was clear.

You could fling it to the top,
but not today;
‘upon My back I rest My Tomb,
for this is not My Home.’

You could call down heaven, war on earth,
but not today;
the King has come,
let no one stand in His way.

so the King came and had His way
nails pierced through His limbs and vein
forth flowed the weight of sin,
upon that cross, we stained.
the soldiers mocked,
but wondered why,
what Lamb would lead Himself to die?

The God who could, but never did,
for me He stood and bled,
He did,
He did!
with 3 days done
He told me ‘son,
join me in life,
Your King has come!’

so from now till then
my heart is Yours,
in life in death,

You are my all.

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