underwater resuscitation

keep me beneath the waves of Your grace
my ship has sailed far away
it’s just You and me
and in this storm I can barely see.

help me be at peace.

i make out sillouhettes of love,
like sunlight from a shattered window.
full, yes-
but i am accustomed to filtered light.

my soul skims the crests
where my heart thuds through the water,
but beneath it all
i refuse to drown.

i dip my feet and test,
too deep it goes;
how far down before i hit the ground,
how far can it reach?

help me be at peace.

above and beyond me,
i am already submerged;
but my vision is blurry –

help me be at peace,

my limbs are frozen,
with the pressure in my soul

help me be at peace
knowing Your currents carrry me home.

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