there was, there is, there will be a love

there was a love
reached out for me.
yet broken i was,
i rejected thee.

thought who could forgive?
who could forget?
a filthy rag
has but burning left.

yet Your Love cared less
for stains or pains
only knowing me
through the eyes of Grace.

i struggled at the throne,
knowing only debt
unpaid, unchecked,
i could not approach Your steps.

yet You came down,
from high above,
set me apart,
said, “Here is my love”

oh what else could i do
but stretch forth in tenderness
for in my weakness i found love,
Your grace is more than enough.

Oh death where is your sting!
my resurrected King,
has rendered you defeated!

I’m no longer a slave to fear /
I am a child of God

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