“things i tell myself”

it’s so bright.

it’s been that way for awhile,
while you’ve been gone
the sun came up.

is there any shade around?

you take it in
all at once.

can i draw the curtains?

listen to me.

how long does it last?

as long as you can take,
till either you or the sun

what’s the point then?

there is no point
where you can stand at a distance
and say that

it was too much
or too harsh
when all you’ve known
is inside
too little.

the dark damp corners
are growing mold
with the years 
the light couldn’t reach them.

aren’t you tired of black and grey?
of summer bland,
and winters weigh
down on your shoulders
though you say
my heart is lighter
without the extra weight.

holes are heavier than the people that left them.

so get light
get real,
get a life,

the one she took away;
it’s been roaming around outside.

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