finding the words

how i wish 
i could have your lips
and have my words 
flow through them;
perhaps refined and designed
in a better light,
i could do your beauty justice.

is it enough to ask
that for awhile 
you hide your smile
that my words might not stumble,
my fingers not tremble;
and when the time is right
and my heart fluttering,
we could read it together.

but you ran off with them
and speechless made
a fool i chased,
no wind in my hair
i fought against the grain
of my silent tongue,
through the night.

my senses are heightened,
because i can’t see
what i can’t read.
so i perk my ears 
to the words still echoing,

i took a breath, 
dug deep,
expelling, and straining, and folding,
under the weightless worth
of the little i came up with,
and forced out this poem
to let you know

my words are still with you,
still in your heart.

could i have them back?

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