when We were young

this is new.

found feelings underneath,
finding things
between the sheets.
your eyes became deep
like the surface of a mirror;
deeper still
when we wiped away the dust.
we entered through the wardrobe
like strangers to familiar skin

we asked for our name,
our place of residence,
blood type,
you’ve been around for awhile,
but i dont know you well.

harmonize my off-pitch words,
off-beat thoughts
as i stare longingly
at an island across the sea;
in my hand the key.
i spoke the password
you whispered
in my ear;

like (as) hot blooded flowing through
the night
we took down the stars
and made them our own;
we conquered the night
and made it our paradise,

yet now.

we sit in quiet, silence spoken,
knowing that your voice has broken

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