above all else

I know this feeling.

The black ball of sorrow, anguish, jealousy, greed, betrayal, that settles in my stomach.

but why.

The months of hard work ignored, swept under the rug because a man told them to do so.

again? is this to be my destiny?

I struggled to stop its slide; along the slippery slope my feet dug deep, my hands strained. Yet, it burrowed deep into my soul and made its home there,

Only to find You.

The second time wasn’t easy, but You were there. That was the difference. That is the difference. You are the only difference that matters, the only thing that matters. I fight for You, and You alone. My hands grasp tightly at Your sleeves, hungering ever more for You.

I know this feeling.

But I know You better.

2 thoughts on “above all else

  1. See if you were on tumblr I would reblog and like this. Beautifully written and once again, proud of you 💪

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