Knowledge of Love

I am worth nothing.

I have failed beyond measure, I am sinful beyond compare, I am as worthless as the dust. I have forsaken that which was valuable, I have forgotten that which I valued.

I am worth nothing.

Yet, I have recieved everything.

To the one dead, You brought life. To the one hopeless, You brought faith. To the one in need, You met.

To the one with an empty heart, You filled with love.

What have I done to deserve this? What have I accomplished to be worthy of such greatness? You esteemed me, You annointed me – how could I ever earn such an honour? Why should I dwell in the presence of one so beautiful? Why should I recieve Your love?

I am worth nothing, yet You gave me everything.

Let me never forget the fountain from which I drink, the bread from which I feed, the life from which I live, the presence in which I dwell,

the love from which I give and recieve.

Let Your love satisfy.

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