excellent service – a line of questioning

Time and time again You show how much You value obedience over sacrifice, but when we obey your call to a certain task, can we be bad at it? Attitude and heart posture is of the utmost importance, but is technical skill important as well? Does excellent service cover technical excellence? We can have technical excellence without the heart, but vice versa?

Aaron shared with me how Ps Evelyn used to lead children in worship, even though she couldn’t sing. Shouldn’t God have granted her the ability to sing? even if it were just for a season.

But if that’s the case, by whose standards do we compare our technical skills to? Youth Church? Young Adults? Is the heart then a better indicator of how excellence our service is?

I believe so.

But I still have so many unanswered questions. When we audition for worship team, by who’s standards do we determine whether this person is suitable? If he can’t even strum a chord but seems genuine, what now? Do we still let him on stage? If we don’t, then aren’t there technical expectations we hold for ourselves? Where do these come from?

Yet at the end of the day, we obey, with or without the skill.


Still chewing on these questions. But at least for now I am grateful for direction over KFC worship.

1. Form authentic relationships with them
– before I even begin to try to speak into their lives, technically or spiritually, that r/s has to be there.

2. Mantain my own walk with God
– I can only lead people to where I’ve been before.


The God of Glories, the Lord Almighty, the All-consuming one – that you would pay watch to the musings of one as sinful as I; let Your love overwhelm me once again!

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