translational probational

how much of the weight
should i let slide along my shoulders,
down a hill worn bare
from the tumbling rocks.

i have been worn bare.

worn by who?

who is this that fits my skin.

whereby i question others
but myself
i leave unscathed.
i am right?
or simply unaware
of how right wrong can feel.

i traverse every land
with every step
drawing me back to when
i am lost.

lost in confusion,
incomplete translation –

where have You been.
next to me, yet far away;
i cannot understand.
i wonder again and again
and continue wandering.
when is the time my feet find the ground
and my mind finds solid sound
to the voices that presume
my ability in tranquility.

Oh God would you help me to hold nothing in my hands other than Yours.

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