as you stand before the crowd awaiting either applause or indignity, i want you to know it was not for nothing. 3 months down and you will be left with nothing but a saved file and few friends to remind you of the sheets you left behind – yet it was not for nothing.

they will laugh, they will cry, and their screams will echo in your heart far longer than their smiles remain etched in your memory. i know you tried to lead them, but did nothing more than inspire fear. i know you lost some along the way, and failed to gain a few – yet it was not for nothing.

the inadequacy you felt hits me once in awhile, but take faith – it fades in time. soon you’ll discover that more than your lack of skill, you have the heart to persevere. to push through talent and natural ability and find in you the strength to fight. to push harder, to last longer, to claw for every single inch. i’m still struggling to keep up, but we’ll get there someday. we aren’t talented, and we will falter further than most – yet it was not for nothing.

i know you wonder what will be left of your legacy. what they’ll say in the years to come – what face will the yearbook show? what will they remember? i’ll be honest, not much. but what you’ll take away and give to others you meet along the way; that will be of infinite value. so take heart.

i know you tried; 
you just weren’t the man yet.

but you will be.

a time will come (is coming) when you and i can look back together upon the path we tread, knowing that the one before us is far greater.

it’s a long way away,
but take heart.
He has things planned for us far greater than any of us could imagine.

: to the young boy sitting in the middle of the guitar room, trying to be a man

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