ten thousand tonnes
couldn’t compare
to the weight you have on me.
phasing between here and there,
i wonder where
you’ll take me next.

how can you love someone 
and not yourself.

you step(ped) off the cliff again
and again.
to be free like before, 
or somewhat now
i wonder how
i’m going to carry you there.

i’ll give you strength
when you’re not strong.

my fingers wrap around
the empty mass
stretching toward;
you’re never forward.
my fingers touch my palm;
the fit isn’t right.

you say you love me,
but hide it well.

so i’ve been leaving for awhile,
turning back
because every fibre aches
for every moment your heart does.
i’ll be here, 
watching over you.

but who’ll watch over you,
when i’ve gone away.

you long to hear my voice,

but i’m long gone.

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