Beautiful Mind

An Out-pouring

Toss you in a desert
And strip you down;
You are still a beating heart
And a longing soul
In a city desperate for awakening

You exist in
Parts and places
in your beautiful mind
Yet understanding escapes me
Walk me into your sanctuaries,
I want to hold your hand
In places I cannot reach

Your thoughts are shooting stars
Far reaching light streaks projecting
kindness, love and purity
into the dark night
Gather them like paintbrushes
On a clean white canvass
They scurry into art

I cannot help but love you harder
In your still moments of
Elated vulnerability
For you are a reflection of the
Untangled state of the human mind:
Simplicity, in its loveliest form

Even with all your rough corners
And stiffened fingers,
You are so damn beautiful.

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