typical tourism

Globalisation has come in full force, and its effects can be seen anywhere from education to transportation. Tourism however, is likely to be the first industry that comes to mind. Travelling overseas is now cheaper than ever, and more and more people (especially the rising middle-class) have taken to the skies in search of new lands and cultures to experience.

Photography it seems, comes hand in hand with this. Having spent a week in UK, I’ve seen more DSLRs and selfie sticks to give one cancer. Whether it be European, Asian, American (often the more rowdy of the lot) or even the clueless local, taking photos appears to be the cornerstone of tourism.

My father once chided me for my forray into street photography whilst in London, and asked me to take more “memory shots”. The concept of a “memory shot” or what I like to call a “proof of presence” shot, essentially encapsulates two key elements: the tourist location in particular, and evidence of your presence there – the latter often preceeding the first in terms of importance. I’ve seen so many teenagers struggle to fit the stonehence into their iPhone selfie, or the professional looking traveller manueavering crowds to get the best perspective.

Why do we do this? Quite frankly we spend more time taking photos of a place than experiencing it. We spend thousands upon thousands of bytes and megabytes and gigabytes of space, stuffing them with photos documenting our journey through a place that we haven’t actually experienced. Do we visit new places to experience new places, or to earn the right to tell others that we have? It seems to me like the only reason we tour is so we can tell others on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc, that we have indeed, toured. If that is the end all of your desire to tour, then I’d recommend Photoshop as a much more convienient and cheaper method of tourism.

To truly capture the essence of a place, one needs to experience it firsthand, before behind a piece of glass. So put down your camera, and start capturing images that truly last a lifetime.

Why do you tour?

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