do you deserve love?


Deserve is a strong word. Deserve means to earn – that on some prerequisite you are entitled to something. It implies that either your actions or position entitle you to something. Pay attention to the word – entitled.

Do you deserve a good boyfriend? What have you done that is worthy of him? Look back on your life, everything you’ve ever done or said. Do you honestly think you deserve him? Or anyone for that matter?

Is it because of your status? A constitutional right as a woman? Because of where you stand, you expect to be loved by someone, regardless of what you’ve done before?

Seriously? Are you that self-indulgent? To be loved by someone is not a right – it is a privilege. You don’t earn a guy (or a girl) who loves you; he is found. It is a blessing and a privilege that cannot be earned.

He is someone to be treasured; more than a birthright, more than an entitlement. Nobody earns love. It’s not possible. Love is a choice, and a difficult one at that.

So the next time you find a guy who loves you, remember that he loves you not because you deserve it, but because he chose to.

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