father say

father say
don’t be a failure
mac donald worker
not asian – american influence
sensitise your soul to gold.
don’t be stupid,
nouveau narcist
only knows failures.
don’t make the second half of your name
something to blame.

father say
don’t take their money
blood dirties the display.
don’t smudge the glass
with your dirt and scrap –
real men don’t work in the dirt.
but you can mine, if its mine.
you can stand on my gold –
plant the flag and make
your surname known.

father say,
listen to limpeh, trust my way.
my blade is sharp, but the thorns
sharper still.
i slice and dice to bring you rice –
stop complaining.
you are blind; let me show you the light –
no the shade is to keep u safe;
the world outside is dangerous.
father say,
don’t get in my way.

father say,
but i never understood this pain

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