The Fullness of the Gospel

The message of the gospel, then, is the message of a new creation in the midst of an old, the message of the invasion of our human nature by the eternal life of God and the displacing of the old by the new. The new life seizes upon the believing man’s nature and sets about its benign conquest, a conquest which is not complete until the invading life has taken full possession and a new creation has emerged. And this is an act of God without human aid, for it is a moral miracle and a spiritual resurrection.

– A.W Tozer, God’s Pursuit of Man

There is no such thing as a “halfway” Christian, an “impassioned” Christian, a “lazy” Christian, a “not so on” Christian. Apathy and half-transformation is one of the most dangerous tools of the Devil – we begin to equate sub-standard righteousness for holy living, minor moral change for full restoration. There is no sitting on the fence because there is no fence you can sit on. There are only two masters in this world, the Devil, and God.

Choose wisely.

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