there she goes

there she goes, with eyes like silver, mounting
wings on butterflies that twirl my insides –
gleam and shine cut through the vein to bloodstream;
flow round my head, too much, too soon, my head
says no my heart says go go go go go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
fingers tremble mouthing ramble muddled
mind; our eternal time no one can touch, no
one too much – the one for me the one they

there she goes, with eyes a sliver; come back
to my arms, a spectre in the dark, the
atom to my quark – supernova can’t
be missed, but i still miss you. shining star,
my brightest car – take me away, take me.
spin your green dress for me, one last time, one
more chime. time is all we need, all i see;
miss me, don’t miss me. i’m waiting in the

there she goes, there she went; medicinal
heart no good for the soul, if the bitter
stays long after you’ve gone cold. you left me
stranded, like a mute tribesman with no tent.
feet on gravel, back on street lamp, solo
solitude. headlights incoming to break
my heart from rushing down a cliff too tall;
you’re high in the sky, my feets’ grounded to

there she goes, there she goes again.

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