Children of a Lost Kingdom

look how small your feet.
where they take, you don’t know;
where they go, perhaps so.
sandals of the heart,
to hide the dirt you part.
touch upon soft sands
or grass gone;
so fast,
so far gone.

look how small your hands.
what they take, more than so;
why they take, the heart will know.
grab the rungs,
of a ladder leading to golden steps,
solitary haven
but not quite heaven.
so much, all mine
too much, all crime?

look how small your mouth.
what it says, ears will know;
what it means, hide below.
thumbing texts,
mute and deaf?
words flow like a river,
yet form a dam;
block the assault.
no one can know,
love is blind
but the heart, not quite so.

look at his aged creases,
every crease, an old memory;
every frown, no new remedy
to fix your mind,
or open your heart.
the crown doesn’t fit,
but it must; this you cannot depart.

child you enter, child take over,
child you bear, child roll over.
too young to care, too old to bear,
too far to know, too near,

too cold.

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