You know what whatsapp is like? Its like talking to someone in real life. If the person is online, it means he’s right there in front of your face, able to listen to everything you wanna tell him. The double tick means that the person understood everything you said, kinda like a nod or a look of understanding. But in whatsapp, there is a thing called a “dao”. Basically, you don’t need to reply a person until when and as you wish. So in real life, it would be like standing there and talking to a bunch of other people while ignoring you, sometimes for hours or days. There is no “sorry I’m busy”, or “hey could I reply you later?”. All you need to do is just go about your business, while the guy stands there, waiting eagerlg for you to reply.

Whatsapp gives us the illusion of stagnation (as do most other mediums of electronic communication). The illusion that while you’re away, everything you share with the person, the relationship you have (had), is just gonna plateau and be as it is while you’re out talking to other people.

Then again perhaps it isn’t an illusion, because sometimes we desire so much to share a relationship with the person, that the time spent in between replies becomes a time spent imagining a closeness, a tightness that can only come from constant contact.

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